Invoke test step inside high level test step run function


I have some small test step for VNA, like VNA_Preset, VNA_Sweep, VNA_ReadData. Now I have a complicated test need to sweep VNA and get Data several times, and then do some calculation. I am wondering if I can create a high level test step to create these small VNA test step and invoke them inside the high level test step run().


Yes, that is a perfectly fine design.
Some suggestions:

  • You can add the specific test steps in the constructor if the sequence of steps is always the same.

  • You can use RunChildSteps() to run all child steps, or RunChildStep(step) to run a specific step or to control the order.

  • Child steps can get a reference to their parent through GetParent<T>, which will search for a parent of type T.

  • Check the verdict for errors, if you want to handle the case when something goes wrong during your sequence of steps. Especially if you want to rerun a step - you might need to clear the verdict on the ‘sweep’ step when recovering from an error.