Accessing property attributes in Python SDK


Python SDK Development
OpenTAP version: 9.21.1
OpenTAP Python SDK version: 3.0.2


Is it possible to access the attributes of properties that are added using add_attribute() method? Below you can see an example of a property with a Display attribute.

from opentap import ResultListener, property as opentap_property

class Listener(ResultListener):
    results_folder = opentap_property(String, "test-reports") \
        .add_attribute(OpenTap.Display("Results Folder", "Name of the folder where to store the results to. ",
                                       "Local Storage", Order=3.2))

When I do dir(self.results_folder) I cannot see any field of this object (property object) that might be containing the attributes added to it.

Also tried to check module in the fork of pythonnet that OpenTAP is based on, but the link here takes me nowhere.