Adding test plan reference from a test plan list


I started using OpenTAP recently. I wanted to add a functionality like the NI’s TestStand. In the TestStand, there is a list of created sequences where you can just drag and drop them and add it to the current sequence as a subsequence.

I wonder if there is a plugin for such a functionality or any suggestions you can make. I made a simple plugin that lists the .TapPlan files inside a directory and add them using the TestStepReference basic step.

The plugin i created for this is shown in the figure below

This is a way of doing it but i want it to be more professional. Like adding a new view on the editor just for that functionality.

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Actually, you can place your test plans inside the Packages folder (Or in a sub folder) and it will show up in the new step dialog:

You can then add them to the test plan and they will be added as test plan reference steps.

The logic behind then being in the Packages folder is that you can publish them in packages.


Thanks :smiley: I didn’t know there is such a functionality.