Changing Test Step Settings


I noticed that when you change a parameter of type string in the settings and IMMEDIATLY click the “Run test plan” command the parameter will not be updated in the execution. To solve this I have to click somewhere else before running the execution.
Is this a bug or if not how can I force my plugin to always take the parameters even I don’t click anywhere else before.


Hi @kreibich and thanks for posting your question.

Could you describe the situation in a bit more detail? I could not reproduce this from what you describe.

  • Which application are you using to edit the setting?
  • Does this reproduce with just basic steps installed?
  • Which OS do you use?
  • What version of OpenTAP/editor are you using?

Hi @rolf_madsen

  • TAP Editor
  • no, it does not reproduce with the base steps
  • Windows
  • KS8400B with 9.21.0

If it does not reproduce using basic steps, then it is probably caused by something inside the plugin you are using.

If you have access to the source code. Are you updating any property values asynchronously?