Connect to 3458A DMM

The DMM plugin available in the OpenTAP package repository does not include instrument 3458A. Is there any other package available to connect to this instrument?

Hi @shwethakh and welcome to the forum!

As far as I know there is no plugin for the 3458A.

If you just want to execute some SCPI command you can still set it up as a generic SCPI instrument and connect to it and send commands to it that way.

Hi @rolf_madsen , thanks for the response. Yeah we did try connecting to it as a generic SCPI instrument but the Open() method is giving a timeout error while executing the *IDN? query. Please find the log attached.

@shwethakh, It sounds like this instrument does not support the *IDN? command mandated in IEEE488.2.

There is no way around this without doing a bit of programming as there is currently no existing plugin for this specific instrument. You can make a subclass of ScpiInstrument which overrides the QueryIdn property. Something like this:

public class CustomScpiInstrument : ScpiInstrument {
    // On 3458A ID? can be used instead of *IDN?
    protected override string QueryIdn() => ScpiQuery("ID?");

@rolf_madsen, thanks for this! Will try it and get back if we need any additional help.

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