Editor and EditorX relative path names

Is there a way to use relative paths for a ‘Test Plan Reference’ step that will work for both Editor and EditorX on linux and windows?

Running EditorX on linux, I can set the test plan reference path to the test plan relative to the working directory. My test plan uses many ‘Test Plan Reference’ steps, so I keep them in a common directory. This directory may move around between development and production systems, so I just ensure tap is launched from the parent of this common directory.

When I try this using EditorCE on windows, it looks like relative paths ignore the working directory and just make everything relative to the installation directory regardless of where tap was launched from.

I also tried using EditorX on windows, but I can’t seem to use a common path seperator between Linux and Windows.


Hi @wittrock,

As far as I know it should already work at least as long as you don’t use any absolute paths. Did you try it out?

Otherwise you can use environment variables in the path. E.g you can use %TESTPLAN_FOLDER%/subTest.TapPlan

@rolf_madsen ,

Yes, I have tried.

Again, with EditorX, relative paths are relative to the working directory and this works.

With EditorCE, If I try to use relative paths, they are always relative to the installation directory.
I found that even if the top level test plan and the TestPlan loaded using a ‘Test Plan Reference’ step are in the same directory, I can’t use a relative path unless I specify it relative to the installation directory.

Thanks for the tip on using the environment variable. I didn’t realize it was supported in the path names.
Using the environment variable works. I think that solves the problem for me.

For the problem I was having with the path separator, it looks like I was just having problems when using windows style separator. As long as I stick to unix style path separators, it is working in EditorCE and EditorX on windows and linux. I just had to use the ‘Load Test Plan’ button after changing the separator.