EditorX child steps

Is there some trick to dragging an existing step into a step that can accept a child step in EditorX?

When I drag the step over a step that can accept a child, sometimes a “curved” line indicates I can drop the child into the parent and it works. This seems to be very sporadic though. Usually, a ‘right angled’ line appears and it just moves the step before or after the desired parent instead of moving it as a child.
I don’t have the same problem under EditorCE on windows.

To work around this, I tried using the ‘Cut’ or ‘Copy’ and ‘Paste as Child’ context menu, but unfortunately, these don’t seem to work on EditorX. At times I have seen the copy and paste work, but current, I can’t seem to copy or paste any steps. I know I have seen it work at one time though.

Creating the step as a child of a parent step works for initial step creation though. I just can’t find a way to reliably move existing steps.

Any tips are appreciated.


What I have found I need to do as a workaround.

  1. Add the parent step
  2. Add a new ‘dummy’ step to the parent by using the ‘+ Add Child’ button. For example, add a new Delay step.
  3. I can now move an existing step I want to make a child of the above parent step by dragging it between the parent and the dummy step.
  4. Delete the dummy step.

@wittrock We’ve fixed the problem in an upcoming release. Keep a look out for it. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update. I’m looking forward to the next release.