External parameter helper - various points

1.The menue is called Tools -> “External parameter Helper” and when clicking on it the window title is “External parameters Tool”. The names are not consisent.

  1. When the window is open there is an active button “Load Testplan”. When clicking in it it creates a log message:

10:45:03.695 External Parameters Helper Exception while loading selected testplan: Ein leerer Pfad ist unzulässig.

Perhaps the button should be disabled until the “…” button next to it was clicked and a testplan was selected. But then i wonder why this dos not also load the testplan after selecting?

  1. I loaded a testplan which contains a delay variable but theere is not shown here after loading . What exact can a user to with this window?

  2. It is possible to open the window more than once (x times).

  3. Also i got an Caught unhandled GUI error after clicking on Load testplan.

  4. What happens when clicking on Save TestPlan button? I get no Log entry.
    SesionLog.txt (18.2 KB)

This is actually part of the 5G Conformance Test Plugin. I believe it is only there for testing.

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Correct. I uninstalled the “5G Conformance Test Plugin” and now also the Tools -> “External parameter Helper” is no more there.

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