How to use Python SDK

My environment: windows 10, python 3.11, opentap 9.10.4, python 3.0.2 rc3

when I create python project use".\tap python new-project --project-name “LabVIEW” --directory “D:\Program Files\OpenTAP\Packages\Labview” cmd, tap feed back as below
(venv) PS D:\Program Files\OpenTAP> .\tap python new-project --project-name “LabVIEW” --directory “D:\Program Files\OpenTAP\Packages\Labview”
No Python installations found.

and I can’t import any opentap releated library

How can I config python SDK to make it ready to use? thanks.

Hi @roz11

I think you should update your OpenTAP version. For the Python plugin, the minimum supported version of OpenTAP is 9.18.3 but you can go all the way up to the latest 9.20.4


thanks for your response, my OpenTAP installer version is 9.20.4, seem this is not the cause

Hi @roz11,

How did you install Python? If it is in a non-standard location the plugin can have trouble finding it.

I installed python to driver “D”, which seems not an standard location, right?

But I have specifed python path to my virtual environment script folder following “link

Ok, that sounds like it should be ok.

Are you using 64 bit python and 64 bit OpenTAP together? Or what kind of configuration do you have there?

Yep, my python is 64 bit, version is 3.11.1, but I don’t konw whether OpenTAP is 64bit or 32bit. I install OpenTAP from below link.

And attach my detial installation step.

  1. download & install OpenTAP from official website
  2. install some plugin from cli using “tap package install xxx”
    here are what I have installed
  3. set python path using " tap python set-path my-python-install-folder"
  4. creating plugin using 'tap python new-project --project-name “project name” --directory “OpenTAP\Packages\project” ’
  5. open python file in pycharm, IDE tips can’t find opentap releated library.