Is there any easy way to get Tap Plan loaded event?

Hi Team,

Is there any possible way that we could register to tap plan loaded event?

Q:Why we need this?
Answer : Because when we load a tap plan, we need to run a function (eg: set the conveyor),
We need to do this before the run.

It will be helpful if we could use tap plan loaded event.

Jestin CI


Does this have to be associated with the Test Plan “load” or could it be associated with the “Open”. You could have for instance a “Conveyor” resource. And when the all the resources are opened, any setup could be done. Something like this could also be done in the “PrePlanRun” of any Test Step.

@rolf_madsen maybe you have some ideas on if their is a specific event that is exposed.


@brennen_direnzo, I think it’s a good suggestion.

I think a “test plan loaded” event is a bit too generic a request for it to workable or maybe I need to understand a bit better.

  • Which specific test plan are you referring to? Like the one loaded in the GUI?
  • Why do you need the resource at load time and not at run time?
  • Is the conveyor a resource that needs configuration? In this case, maybe it could be referred to as a property or it could be part of a ComponentSettings.

I’d also vote for creating a Conveyer resource and using its Open method. That way only test plans that need the conveyer will actually run the conveyer, and test plans can be loaded anytime and anywhere without consequence.


Thanks @brennen_direnzo , @rolf_madsen , @david-wsd for the suggestion, I will try creating Conveyor resource , Thanks for the suggestion. :slight_smile: