Is there any way to add a textbox with automatic text wrap enabled?

In each step, we have one description field where we can wrap text in a textbox.

We want to add a similar text field in Settings area. Now, if I put a string in a setting, the textbox is no-warp.

Is there a label or some flag we could use to enable wrapping?

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So taking a quick look, I would guess that the Description property is treated differently because it’s where TestStep implements IDescriptionProvider.Description. So I’ll bet that that the Editor sees this interface and gets the corresponding property and knows it’s supposed to be a longer description, and treats it differently. So if I’m right, then I suppose the thing to do is to create an issue in OpenTAP GitLab and talk to the Keysight PathWave Test Automation team about adding some kind of attribute to allow test wrapping in the Editor. If I’m wrong, then I suppose someone will correct me.

Actually, Description has no special functionality, but it is an “Attached property” which means it does not figure in the C# code as a normal property.

But you can get the same behavior by using the Layout attribute.

    [Layout(LayoutMode.Normal, 3, 3)]
    public string MultiLineString{get;set;}

[Update] Source of Description: Engine/DynamicMemberTypeDataProvider.cs · master · OpenTAP / OpenTAP · GitLab