Numbering of instantiated objects

Is there a way to have the first instantiation of a DUT called DUT1 and subsequent instantiations simply update the digit? Right now I get DUT, DUT1, DUT2. … Labeling the first DUT DUT1 results in DUT1, DUT11, DUT12…

Are all the DUTs the same class? I’m thinking of some tricky C# way to do this using static classes/reflection. The behavior you’re describing makes sense for TAP to do by default

Yes all dut are from the same class. I’m prototyping a multi head tester for use in environmental tests. A follow up question is going to be on results analysis. Is there an example test flow/results listener for a 6 head tester that repeats a sequence until manually stopped? Not really an abort, just a nice manual end of sequence presenting the consolidated p/f status on a per DUT basis

Hmm…. If you don’t want it to abort, I’d say have a custom dialog (UserInput class), and then run the process async on a while loop and quit once the user clicks a button on the dialog. That will be all in one step, if your repeating process is in just one step. Or - (I think this will work) run the dialog as a step, have an output variable in a dedicated step that indicates the dialog has been closed, and then repeat a series of steps for your test, then at the end of each step or the end of the loop check if the dialog has been closed.

I’ll have to spend some time to try to figure out the details for your first question.

@craig.petku I agree that if DUT1 exists, OpenTAP should auto-name the next added DUT as “DUT2”, not “DUT11”.

As a workaround, I’d think this could be done in the DUT’s constructor, by setting Name to “DUT” + whatever number you like. You could enumerate the other DUTs to help choose the number.