Packaging nested directories using OpenTAP Package Manager CLI

In case of a project structure that has nested directories/subdirectories, is there an easy way to add all files (including subdirectories) in package.xml by pointing package.xml to the top level directory?

  1. Currently, while wildcards are supported in package.xml, it scans only the specified wildcard directory and not subdirectories.
  2. Are there any considerations if the files/assemblies being packaged are not OpenTAP plugins.
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HI @navjodh, I had the same struggle. I ended up writing a method that enumerates all my wanted files and creates the package.xml file automatically. I’ve only had to use it once or twice, since then I’ve just made minor manual changes to package.xml.

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@david-wsd : Thanks for the response. Yes, I think it makes sense to create a script that can do that, though I’d prefer to have built-in capability to do that since projects can often have a large number of nested folders.

Welcome (back) to the OpenTAP Forum @navjodh! Great to have you part of the community.