Parameterized Sweep step


I’m am working on a personal project and I am encountering a roadblock.

I have two tests:

Test 1 verifies a device turns on by testing a list of input voltages using the Sweep Parameters step
Some of these will fail and the device will not power on but some will pass and the device will power on.

Test 2 does some functionality tests on the device while powered on.

What I want to do is merge these two tests into one in the following way:
Test 1 executes, saves a list of valid voltages where the device powers on.
Then Test 2 will execute for each of the valid voltages from Test 1.

What I think I need is a parameterizable Sweep step but I don’t think that’s possible.

Can anyone recommend a solution to my predicament?


@sebastian.pop.v Can the sequence be modified? If so, how about doing test 2 right after test 1 for each individual voltage? So the basic sequence would look something like this pic



Hi @david-wsd thank you for the suggestion this may be what I will end up doing.

I’m still wondering if there is a way to do it a described in my initial post

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@sebastian.pop.v if I understand correctly, this should enable what you are looking for coming in the 9.12 release:

Alternatively, you could possible use the new Input/Output system where Test1 could pass the list to Test2. Downside here is that you would be doing the “Sweep” within Test 2 rather than leveraging the built in Sweep Step.

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I agree with Brennen…use the new step type available in version 9.12. I was trying to do pretty much this exact same thing, except I didn’t want the test to move forward if any of the voltage checks failed. I was not able to find a good way to do this in older versions of OpenTap, also partly because of mismatches between input and output parameter types. The new features should take care of all of this…but full disclosure I have not actually tested it yet.


One related question though…how did you handle loading the voltage parameter list which the step is itterating through? Hard coded, or from an external file? I haven’t searched the whole forum yet, but since this is the same as what I am trying to do I figured you would have some insight.

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Thank you for the replies everyone.

Yes @brennen_direnzo that is exactly the feature I am looking for. Can’t wait to test it out.

@Tim.Cyr I don’t load the list at the moment. I use the Sweep Parameter step for itterating through voltage values so I have multiple test plans with different values saved. I think this will change with OpenTAP 9.12

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