Repeat Step Iteration Complete Event


I am developing a result listener that needs to report data from a repeat step. I can use the Result listeners’ OnTestStepRunCompleted method to report test step’s data. However, i need to show the which iteration the data is coming from. Is there a way to add a new event or method to the test steps that result listeners can detect?

What i want is simply sending the repeat step’s iteration complete event to the result listener. I tried a lot of ways to solve it in the result listener methods but no luck. If this is possible or any other suggestion that can solve this problem it would be really nice.

Edit: It just occured to me while i was writing this question that i can use result publishing to update iteration but i should customize the repeat step. I will update if i achieve to do what i want, but any help is still appreciated :melting_face:

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The repeat step should publish an ‘Iteration’ parameter. So if you need this information in your result listener, you can pull it from TestStepRun.Parameters.


So you should be able to get it from Run.Parameters["Iteration"]


Thank you @rolf_madsen , saved the day again :grin: