Show full instrument name in tooltip window

when adding a instrument and renaming it to a custom name then only pointing on a instrument in the footer of the editor then only 12 chars are displayed in the footer.

  1. An enhancement would be if the preview tool tip window that appears when pointing on an instrumt could show the full name.
  2. When clicking on an instrument then it opens a bench Settings window but the left column does not show the selcted instrument. The values on the right side are correct but it would be better if also the scrollbar would be at the position of the marked instrument.

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@LXuser can you provide a screenshot for reference?

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  1. The name of the instrument is 0123456789ABCDEFGHIJ .
    Visible is only 0123456789ABCDEF… -> Show full name in tooltip marked with arrow

  2. Add a lot of instruments (here: 36) then double click on SCPI36 in the footer of the editor. This opens the Bench settings window. But SCPI36 is not visible in the left column. Only by manually scrolling down you see that it is marked.

Ok, the second part makes sense. I will submit something for that. As for the name that field is actually called “Short Name”. It is supposed to be an easy to refer to name, rather than the Instrument Type + Instrument Address.

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