Simple database result listener

I’am currently using OpenTap for assembly testing our produced PCB’s but I’am struggling how to use the result listeners. We want to write the test results to a cloud database for later usage. These values includes the pass/fail result from some subtests together with some values/verdicts. Also some general device data like serial numbers, ip and mac addresses and the general pass/fail output.
It seems the ProstGreSQL stores too much information wich seems hard to use in a later stage.
Does anyone has some advise? Maybe making a custom resultlistener is an option, but maybe someone has already done something similar.
Regards, Evert Huijben

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@e.huijben in general we try to capture as much of the metadata as we can. There are definitely cases where it is not l needed. This may still be too much data but here is a good walkthrough of creating a database result listener (in this case for MongoDB). It may help as you look at creating a custom one: