Test step name is not updated when we use {UI_PROPERTYNAME} in Test Step Name

Hi Team,

We have a Test step having Two Properties to be Displayed in UI,
Second property is Enabled (EnabledIF) based on the value of first property.
So we have Three properties in Test Step, two will be only shown in the UI at the same Time.

Problem we face is when we say Test Step name as {SecondUIProperty} , it always shows value of the second property, when condition is changed also value is not updated.

With an Example:

If I have two properties

  1. Param 2
  2. Value


Param 2 is a combo box that can select two options. User input and variable

When we select User Input then a edit button will appear,
If we select Variable then a combo box will appear.

Problem: When I say Test name as Test {Value} it always shows Edit Button value. never shows combobox value.



My concern:
Test name with {} is working fine for normal properties (With out EnabledIF), but not for Enabled IF Properties.

Please help or suggest the changes.

Jestin CI

Hi @justin_c_i, I sometimes like to make an additional unique property that is only used for the test step name. Something like this:

public string NameTag
if (enabledMode1)
return “test name 1”
else if (enabledMode2)
return “test name 2”
return “”;


Hi @david-wsd ,

Sure I will try this method.

So you meant to say to use EnabledIF property to displayed in Test step name we need to add an UI additional property?

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