Understand impact of Test Plan XML differences

Hi all

Below is the list of test plan xml differences we have noticed between 9.18.5 and 9.21. We assumed the differences could be related to default values, and wanted to clarify with the OpenTAP team on it. Kindly help to advise on their impacts and changes in behaviour.


  1. Under TestPlan attribute, the “Locked” field is removed after saving in 9.21.

  1. Under Test Step attribute, the version has been removed after saving in 9.21.

  1. Under Test Step attribute, the following fields have been removed (Enabled, ChildTestSteps, and BreakConditions)

Hi @antonio.quizon,

You are right to assume that this is mostly related to default values. To reduce the size and readability of test plans we have omitted some members with default values in the OpenTap. This can be done with the DefaultValueAttribute.

Since we are just omitting saving/loading the default values this should have no change to the behavior.

Note that when you load a test plan saved with an old opentap version the behavior should be exactly the same as before. The only difference that in the newer versions those properties will not get set.

The Version property was omitted in favor of Package.Dependency which more accurately tells you about the dependencies of the test plan. You can still load the test plan with a version specified, but it does nothing.

Hi rolf_madsen.

Thanks for the response and happy new year!

We also noticed the OpenTap.Description tag being removed below. Can we assume this is related to default values as well? We would like to know whether this has any impacts.

Happy new year!

Yes, same story. When it has the default value it is no longer stored.