Adding {0} in the Step Name throws Error in 9.12

Hi Team,

We have created 100’s of Test step and some the Test Step name contains {0} .

Up to 9.11 version it was working fine. after I install 9.12 throws Index out of bounds error.

Do I need to rename all the Test Step name ? is there any other way.

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@justin_c_i this looks like a bug to me. Let me discuss with R&D.

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@justin_c_i Instead of editing the files in TAP you could also do a mass search/replace using npp++.

Problem we face is we have created 100 of tapplans…so we need to find and modify test steps names inside those tapplans with {}.

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With notepad++ you can open all files at the same time and search in all open files for a string and replace it.
If you search for “{” and replace it with “[” it is only a few clicks.
And a second search for “}” and replace it with “]”

1.When creating an invalid name for the delay teststep (here 5s) then the code is executing and delaying for 5secs. After this the error is shown.
In the Summary it says “0.00 s” which should be 5.00s

2.This kind of errors should be checked before starting the testplan. In here the final teststep “Power OFF” is not executed.
Is there a way to always execute cleanup teststeps to not damage the DUT?

Thanks for the Info, :slight_smile:
We have created some test reports , screen shots, pdf, chm etc… based on the Tap plans. so changing the name will have some effort I think.

A fix is being implemented and QA updated their test procedures.


@janus.faaborg This bug is not special for the string “{0}”. It happens always when the character “{” or “}” is used.

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@justin_c_i FYI this fix is available here:

There will be an official version once we complete testing (with a new test for this issue :slight_smile: )


Thanks :slight_smile: