"Annoying" warning message on removing of a test step from the test plan

The Opentap framework output the warning below messages, when removing a test step from the test plan:

11:02:26.932 Parameter Step 6.7.4 OTA operating band unwanted emissions (OBUE) is no longer a child step of the parameter owner.

in my view, log information is good, but in this particular case, the warning message might cause annoyance to the users, because the information are too generic and is more suitable for OpenTap developer and does not really give “help” to the users. Actually the users have removed a test step from the test plan and he/she does not care what happens internally in the OptenTap framework.

So I would like to know if any one else has an other opinion on this?


@the.dao I understand the concern here. Does this message show up as an Information or Debug log? A simple solution may be to lower the priority to Debug, since that is a log option not enabled by default.

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Thanks for your comments.
It is shown as warning

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Ah ok, that does seem overly aggressive. I’ve submitted an issue here:

Hi Brennen
Thanks for helping with submitting the issue to OpenTap framework.
I agree with you, this log level should be reduced (example as information).
The reason I brought this issue up here, because we got some complains about this
warning from some users.
The Dao

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