BarcodeScanner missing assembly

I’ve downloaded the BarcodeScanner plugin from GitLab
I have an error “Could not resolve this reference. Could not locate the assembly Keysight.Ccl.Wsl”
How can I resolve this ? I can’t see it in the package manager I’m using SDK CE tools with custom GUI in C#.
A further complaint is Serializer Package “WPF Controls” is required to load, but it is not installed" but this is installed and can be seen in the Package Manager as installed?

Many regards and thanks Andy

Did you resolve this issue?

To me it looks lige the assembly resolver has not been set up in your custom code.

To do this you can call PluginManager.Load();

You also need the WPF Controls package installed.

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Thanks Rolf,
This issue is not fixed yet it will not run in Editor out of the bag.
I found where Keysight.Ccl.Wsl is in Keysight IO library ( I should have read the developers guide earlier) :blush:

Still batting on for now

thanks Andy