PluginManager Unable to load type 'Keysight.OpenTap.Wpf.TestPlanStepFinder'

How to resolve this Error :
PluginManager Unable to load type ‘Keysight.OpenTap.Wpf.TestPlanStepFinder’ from ‘D:\Desktop\BSCAN\bin\Debug\Packages\WPF Controls\Keysight.OpenTap.Wpf.dll’. Reason: ‘Could not load type ‘OpenTap.ITypeDataSourceProvider’ from assembly ‘OpenTap, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null’.’.

How did you get this error to begin with?

I was having this same problem. In my case, it was because I mistakenly added a reference on a WPF package I installed. To solve it, I just went to Dependencies/Assemblies and deleted the Keysight.OpenTap.Wpf.dll assembly.

But since I do not know what you were trying to do, the issue maybe need to be solved in a different way.