Changing plot colors in Results Viewer?

The test I’m developing is for an RGB LED. Is there a way to assign colors to be used for plotting each series?

The problem is when visualizing data such as PWM signals, the colors of the plots don’t align with the LED colors causing confusion when I show the charts to a VP.

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Similar to Results Viewer: Independent scaling of Axis? - #2 by brennen_direnzo, this is a requested feature already on the list, but not something currently supported.

Thanks, I didn’t find it in s search of the forum. WHat keyword might I have used or is this posted in gitlab?

Since Results Viewer is part of the commercial product, it is tracked in an internal Gitlab project, separate from OpenTAP. I have also added the feature request tag to this post, just for visibility if others have the same request.

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For the commercial product, is there a feature request pending to allow tagging/commenting on a test plan results after it has been run? A problem I’m seeing is I have a lot of aborted runs with no quick way to determine which one I’m interested in. I know a tag can be added in the run explorer, but it might be more useful if this can also be included in the results viewer and the editor.

Please let me know the correct way to discuss the commercial product since this forum doesn’t seem appropriate. You can reply to my work e-mail if this needs to be private.

Discussion is fine here since it is part of the larger ecosystem, but I’ll move the topic to Ecosystem.

Do you mean to be able to add a tag to a run while in the Editor or in the Results Viewer or just access to those existing tags?

Right now I’m still a newbie evaluating the product but expect to license the commercial version for some real product tests. I’m still using the CE version even though I have the trial license for the full version. My bad in accepting the license.

Over the weekend I ran several tests and sent plots based upon manipulating result sets to my team. When asked the details of parameters used in a test run I quickly realized there was no way for me to identify the dataset used to generate a PNG file. They all simply referenced the testplan name which hadn’t changed between duts.

I looked at runtime options and couldn’t find a way to tag the dataset either with a date/time stamp when the run was started or while generating graphs. I haven’t seen any examples to name the SQL result set based upon the time of test or while running the test or post test. Thus the explorer simplyt shows a bunch of tests were run and all have the same identifier. I also realized there doesn’t appear to be a simple way to delete results from unwanted runs.

If explorer showed the time a test was started and how many records were in the data set that would be helpful. However I haven’t found such a view.

If you right-click on an existing column in the Run Explorer you will see a list of other columns you can add: