Results viewing in EditorX

I have a fairly large test plan that is being used in a semi production environment.
I say semi production because the operator is more of a QA / Electronic engineer / troubleshooter than a production operator.

Up till now, I have arranged the test steps avoiding any sweep/loop steps so that the pass fail status is visible in EditorX for all tests. This allowed the operator to see specific channels that failed on a multichannel device and to easily drill down into the test to see the measurements that failed all within the EditorX GUI.

Unfortunately, this approach is not very scale-able and as the number of channels increases, it is unwieldy to maintain the testplan and the load time for the test plan becomes quite long.

I transitioned to using sweep/loop steps to handle iteration over channels and parameters and this has greatly improved the test load time and makes the test plan much simpler to maintain.

The downside is I no longer have the ability to view the individual test channel pass/fail status within the EditorX GUI. I generate a PDF report after the test execution so the information is available as a tabular test report after the fact, so not a huge loss. Still, I miss being able to see the real time failure status for tests that are now performed in a loop.

I’m trying to decide on a best approach for EditorX to view the individual test results as they are run independent of whether they are run in a loop or parameter sweep.

  1. Custom dockable panel - I think this would be ideal, but only on option on Editor under Windows? I don’t think there is currently a way to extend EditorX in a similar way?
  2. Log view - This is what I am currently doing as a work around. I’m not sure if there is a way to extend the visible log types beyond (Error, Warning, Information, Debug), so I currently log as Info and have to use a filtered view to just see results with a special tag.
  3. Dynamically update my existing .PDF or HTML report while the test is running. This is not terribly convenient since it is outside the EditorX GUI but is workable.

I’m just wondering if anyone else has had to do something similar and if there are ways to extend EditorX that I am not aware of.

Thanks for any input,

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Hi @wittrock, thanks for the feedback!

I think you highlight some excellent points.

As for your points

  1. Editor X uses web technology for the UI and unfortunately I dont think there are any good "dockable"panel solutions for such a UI. But definitely something to think about!.
  2. There is a way, but it requires changes to OpenTAP, I think there is already a request for something like that, but I think what you are asking for is different than simply ExtraVerbose or Diagnostic or SuperHighLevelInformation?
  3. Probably the easiest solutiom.

What about creating a separate UI that interacts with IResultStore api to show you the information you want? The TUI source code has an example of creating a custom results viewer for the Sql-based result listeners.

Thanks @rolf_madsen ,

I thought that was probably the case for adding a custom panel to EditorX but wanted to be sure.

I have been considering writing a simple operator interface using TUI as an example but have had to shelve that for some time. Currently I need to run under Linux so I have been looking at AvaloniaUI as a WPF like environment that I can use under Linux.

I think for the time being, I will have to stick with the filtered logging view to provide the operator real time feedback and they can use the final pdf test report for detailed results for troubleshooting.

Thanks so much for you help,