Direct download link to OpenTAP installer

I am writing a script to automate the setup of OpenTAP in a PC. Currently, I get the installer link from OpenTap: Download page and then the download button. Anyone know how can I get direct link to the latest OpenTAP installer?

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@jiahaotan welcome!

You can use this link:

But, we don’t have a direct link for “lastest” currently, so if you are trying to script it, you would need to know the version. The benefit though is that link will still exist and download the same version even when a new version changes.

What is it it that you are trying to do? After you have OpenTAP installed once, you could also look at using the Package Manager to install OpenTAP rather than an exe.

Hi @brennen_direnzo, good idea for keeping the version in the download link. Thanks.

What I am trying to do is that I want to test the plugin I develop on different PCs and virtual machines. I don’t mind if the newer version of OpenTAP will crash the plugin because I can use this event to make sure my plugin is working for any version.

Besides, is there any plan to publish OpenTAP package in Chocolatey, Scoop or winget?

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We publish to Nuget, would that work?

Install package through nuget is to be used in .NET project as a software development tool. It would be great if OpenTAP can be installed through Windows program package manager.

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Ok makes sense. This certainly seems reasonable. The OpenTAP installer itself is fairly simple, so it would be easy enough to wrap.

I’ve added this issue to track the request:

Thanks @brennen_direnzo !