EditorX List or Array of Enums with [Flags] attribute not working

I am using a property that is a List of enums with the [Flags] attribute.
When I attempt to edit the property in EditorX, the list shows up properly as do the individual check boxes for the flags, but any changes I make are not preserved.

If I replace the enum with a class containing a bool member in place of the [Flags], then it works.
Unfortunately, there are a some unrelated reasons I need to use the enum so was hoping there is some workaround.

Example snipped from my plugin step:

This is the definition of the enums

    public class ProbeRailInstrument : Instrument
        public enum AnalogChannel
            V1  = 1,
            V2 = 2,
            I = 4,
            C = 8,

        public enum EventChannel
            E  = 1,
            C = 2,

These are the properties in my test step

        [Display("Analogs", Group:"Channels",  Order:5.1)]
        [EnabledIf(nameof(ControlMethod), ControlSetting.Independent, HideIfDisabled = true)]
        public List<ProbeRailInstrument.AnalogChannel> Analogs{get; set;}

        [Display("Events", Group:"Channels",  Order:5.2)]
        [EnabledIf(nameof(ControlMethod), ControlSetting.Independent, HideIfDisabled = true)]
        public List<ProbeRailInstrument.EventChannel> Events{get; set;}

Since they show up correctly, I think everything above is OK. Also, I use a similar enum outside of a List and the property can be edited successfully.

I also changed from a List to an Array but still no difference so the problem seems to be with the enums.

If I manually edit the test plan, everything works as expected, and the manually edited values show up in the list editor in EditorX. I just cant make any changes within EditorX and have the changes preserved once the List editor is closed.

Thanks for any input,

Hi Wittrock, we’ll investivate on this problem. But given our schedules and priorities, the fix might not come so soon.

Thanks @khang-yong ,

Yes, I understand using the enums flags in the list is probably not that common a need.
I am able to just manually edit the TapPlan for my needs.

Thanks so much,