Evaluation of OpenTAP for Production Testing

Hi all,

We are in the evaluation of a new test platform for our production testing (PCB, assemblies, devices). Up to now we have used Keysight’s “TestExec” for many years.

In order to get a better and practical insight of the work with OpenTAB we are looking for someone / a company which has already implemented their Testsystems in OpenTAB and give us some practical insight on their experiences.
Any input or contact is very welcome!



@mijamin Welcome to the forum and the OpenTAP community! I think there are lots of people here that can share their experiences. If you haven’t found it, many people find this interview useful. @david-wsd is also on the forum:


@mijamin , we developed PTEM (PathWave Test Executives for Manufacturing test) based on PathWave Test Automation (OpenTap based), TestExec v8.2 and TS-5000. Maybe it could be interesting to have a look at this software?


Been helping companies implementing OpenTAP for 1-2 years now. Once you get over the initial learning curve (esp. if you like me come from non-C# environments) you will find OpenTAP very flexible and adaptable. The OpenTAP ‘philosophy’ may take some time to learn but is very powerful.


Thank you for your replies.

@brennen_direnzo Thanks for the link!

@pohchann I do understand that you are running TestExec for the test sequencer in your applications? Our main challenge will be to make the step from TestExec to a new platform, e.g. OpenTab. But it may be very helpful for our evaluation to get an input from you.

@GoranJohnsson That sounds very interesting as we are in the very same position today coming from TestExec. Would it be possible to get in contact with you?

@mijamin , TestExec has been ported to TAP. In another way, TestExec functionality on OpenTAP platform.

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@mijamin Yes, feel free to contact me. Email: goran.johnsson@gjc-testsoftware.se


@pohchann Can i get in contact with you for further informations about your experiences and how the work with PathWath and OpenTAP could look like?

@mijamin Sure and feel free to contact me @ poh-chang.ng@keysight.com. In short, TestExec functionality has been ported/redesigned as plugins that works under PathWave Test Automation (based on Open TAP).

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Hi @mijamin, welcome to the forum. We migrated our test executive to OpenTAP several years ago. But I honestly have one regret… not doing it sooner! :wink: Time has proven that OpenTAP was the right decision for us. We saw immediate benefits, and continue to build up new capabilities that were previously just a pipe dream. Our application coverage has increased dramatically. I think this is all due to the highly extensible/scalable nature of OpenTAP.


Thank you very much for your information and offers to contact you @GoranJohnsson & @pohchann :smile:
I will get in contact with you when internal discussions and decisions are growing.


@Mijamin via OpenTAP Community Forum

Please do not hesitate to give us the feedback on the migration of TestExecSL to TAP.


Thank you.