OpenTAP @ The FOSSASIA Summit 2021

OpenTAP is a Bronze Sponsor at the FOSSASIA Summit this year, which will be 13 March - 21 March.

Join @jeff.dralla and I for a talk on Going Open (Source) in Test & Measurement: the Future of T&M Automation with OpenTAP

And then @kaushik.santhanam as well as a few students at the University California Santa Cruz for a tutorial on Creating a T&M Solution built on OpenTAP using the PSLab board, a new partner of the OpenTAP Project.

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The story of how Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent Technologies and the original T&M arm of Hewlett-Packard), with a long history of proprietary commercial products & measurement science IP, decided to open source a software project for the first time in their 80+ year history. Hear about what caused this change in mindset, the challenges along the way, the benefits it brought to those involved, and how it plans to revolutionize the rest of the T&M industry.

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Learn how to build your test automation solution on OpenTAP by using a suite of fully open source components all the way down to the hardware (from Participate in
a brief tutorial where you will become inspired to practice “effortless automation” using real hardware that you can acquire for under $70. Even better, become familiar with the OpenTAP Python Plugin & SDK to help get you there in a scripting language you love. Use this as a catalyst and motivation to build your next professional grade automation-centric test & measurement solution with OpenTAP.

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