How can a number of steps be performed multiple times within a TestPlan?

A number of steps belong together, and can be seen as a function/subroutine.
These steps can therefore be called several times in the test plan.

Is this only possible with a ‘Test Plan Reference’ Step?
Creating a new TestPlan for every function/subroutine?
Or are there alternatives?

It is not possible to open multiple TestPlans in the Editor, which makes debugging a bit more difficult.

Thanks in advance !

Hi fostyn,
As far as I know, the cleanest way is to use a Test Plan Reference to recall these functions/subroutines. What you can also do is if you have multiple functions saved as .TapPlan, you can package all your functions together into one .TapPackage (or include the Test Plans in your current package.xml), and they will appear in the Test Steps pane under the drop-down “Test Plans”.

The benefit of this is that you can easily add your Test Plan functions to your larger Test Plan, and it will do the Test Plan Reference linking for you.

Hope this helps!



the Test Plan Reference step is certainly a nice solution, but it is not what we want.

As mentioned, we find it difficult to edit/debug a referenced Test Plan.
Had it been possible to open the Test Plan in a different window, which we could then edit, it would have been something else.

Thanks anyway for your input.

It should be possible to open the referenced test plan in a 2nd window.

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