How to build Python plugins locally in the latest python package

In the latest version of Python package (3.1.0), there seems to be no option to build a python plugin locally - like there was in version 2 of the python package. The documents also only speak about creating a tap package directly. How do I build my plugin to test within OpenTAP first before the plugin is ready for distribution? Please see attached image

Hi @shwethakh,

Thanks for the question.

That step is not necessary in the new version of the Python plugin. In 3.0 we started loading the .py files instead of having the additional step of building a wrapper DLL.

We recommend you distribute the py files in a TapPackage, but that is the same as before.

Thanks @rolf_madsen . Does this mean we can test the code locally directly using .py files without any dlls? For example any test steps that we build will be visible in the editor if the .py file of the test step is directly present under the OpenTAP installation under Packages folder?

Yes, thats the idea. Actually we now support a more reproducible and isolated way of developing your Python-based plugin, by managing an OpenTAP installation separately from your main installation.

You can read more about it here: Creating an OpenTAP plugin | OpenTAP Python Integration