Recommended workflow for building plugins

Hi Everybody
What is the recommended workflow to build plugins for open tap I’ve seen posts about copying .dll files , juggling with version numbers, hand filing package.xml files and wot not.

1,Should I github to a folder called OpenTap and build the files there ?
2.Once this is done do I still need to install all the plugins SDK ,demo,wpf, basicsteps etc or are they automatically installed with the build?
3. Where to develop the plugin ? in the SDK folder in the examples folder or just in the OpenTap folder ?

  1. Once the plugin has been complied do you still need to 'install it" with the CLI ?

So what I’m really looking for is a step by step "how to get started with plugins " is there one anywhere ?

Thanks BB

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Welcome @beepboop

There are a few different ways. Some people have an older approach, and it is dependent on how you are deploying the plugin in the end, but from a “Getting Started” perspective, there is documentation here:

You can also find some video walkthroughs here:

Thanks Brennen,

I would say non-enterprise, we are a team of 2 and will implement a single end solution.


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In that case, I think you can follow the standard getting started flow and just do packaging following this guide: