How to bundle packages?


I developed multiple plugins in different packages. Is there a way to bundle them into a single package? I read the documents and i couldn’t achieve to create a .TapPackages mentioned here.

I saw some packages in the package repository of OpenTap that just includes package dependencies in the package.xml file. For example, DMM package include three different package dependencies, and when I install DMM package it automatically installs all dependencies.

This is what I want to achieve, I have three different .TapPackages and bundle them into a single package and when this bundled package is installed, all the dependencies should be installed also.

When I build the bundled package in VS, it gives the error “Package dependency ‘package name’ specified in package definition is not installed. Please install a compatible version first.”

Yes, you can make something like the DMM plugin.

All you need to to is to create a package with the ‘bundle’ class in addition to your other packages:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<Package Name="TestPackageBundle" xmlns="" InfoLink="" Version="0.1.0-alpha" Class="bundle" FileType="tappackage" OS="Windows,Linux">
        <PackageDependency Package="Package1" Version="^0.1.0-alpha" />
        <PackageDependency Package="Package2" Version="^0.1.0-alpha" />
        <PackageDependency Package="Package3" Version="^0.1.0-alpha" />

Then from your other installation it needs access to Package1, Package2, Package3 and TestPackageBundle. Then when you install TestPackageBundle, it should install the dependencies as well.