How to detect errors during Testplan.Load()?

As I understand, there is no success/failed indication after a OpenTap.TestPlan.Load()? For example in case of missing plugins or resources.
How are load errors supposed to be handled using the API? Do I have to read and parse the sessionlog file or is there a better way?

@GoranJohnsson, you can use this method to load the Test Plan:

public static TestPlan Load(Stream stream, string path, bool cacheXml, TapSerializer serializer = null)

You can check Errors of the serializer for errors associated with deserialization. The errors only persists between calls to Serialize/Deserialize.


                var serializer = new TapSerializer();

                var myTestPlan = TestPlan.Load(
                    new FileStream("TEST_PLAN_PATH", FileMode.Open, FileAccess.Read),

                if (serializer.Errors.Any())
                    foreach(string error in serializer.Errors)
                        Console.WriteLine("Error: " + error);