How to display pass/fail during runtime ?

// Gets or sets the verdict. Only available during test step run. The value of this
// property will be propagated to the TestStepRun when the step run completes.

I need to evaluate the test results during the program runtime and display pass/fill, but when using the UpgradeVerdict function, the update of the display status is at the end of the entire process. In this way, I cannot view the status of the test results during runtime. For example, in a loop step.

Hi @alexuo and welcome to the forum!

I am not sure what you mean.

The verdict of the parent step is updated when all child steps are completed and depending on the actual step, it might get a fail or pass verdict.

So the verdict of the ‘loop’ step does not really exist until it is done looping.

Why do you need this information?

Thank you very much for your reply。
I have some DUTs that need to be tested and displayed if they exceed the limit value. What should I do?

If at any point it exceeded the maximum value, the verdict should be reflected on the parent step after the loop has completed.

For example:

In the picture, a repeat loop ran 3 times, executing the dialog step, which produced a fail verdict first and then two times pass. In the end the repeat step got the verdict fail because one of the iteration failed.