If we delete an Instrument, Combo box inside TapPlan uses another instrument of same type

Hi Team,

We have created two instrument of same type and used one of the instrument inside Tap Plan,
If we delete one of the instrument from Instrument settings, Tap plan will be using the second instrument of same type.
Is there a way to prevent this behavior,?
Our expected behavior is Comb box should be empty, because we have already deleted the instrument.

Jestin CI

Hi @justin_c_i,

There is currently no way of preventing this behavior.

Can you elaborate a bit on why you need it?

Hi Rolf,

We have a tap plan that includes around 2000+ test steps and about 20+ instruments (Diagnostics Tap Plan). Within this tap plan, we also have instruments of the same type.

We have implemented a mechanism that prevents saving the tap plan if the Instrument combo box is empty. However, when an instrument falls back to another instrument of the same type, it becomes challenging to identify the test steps that require changes. Therefore, if we could disable the auto fallback feature, it would simplify the process of identifying test steps with missing instruments.

Best regards,
Jestin CI

OK. I understand.

I am wondering if you tried the ‘parameterize’ feature? You can parameterize the instrument unto the test plan as two different settings. Then it becomes easier to manage which instrument are assigned to which steps.

Thank you, Rolf.
I will update this within the team.