Implementing FLIR CameraI

I’m implementing a driver for a FLIT ETS320 to allow monitoring several regions of Interest on a circuit board. Right now, setting up the ROI’s requires running a seperate graphical app to determine the desired coordinates then transferring this to the OpenTAP test step. Of course I could pass this through a file, but ideally I would like to have a pop-up window in the instrument driver to let me display the camera oputpy and adjust the location of the ROI’s. Can I instantiate a form from the driver and manipulate it with the controls (in the driver)? If so, whats the best reference for a pop-up screen called from a driver and can it also work with TUI?

If you want a Windows form popup, then I think it can be done from the TUI, but it might be better to run that from a separate process.

We don’t have a reference for that sort of thing at the moment.

Maybe you may set return values that can get the coordinates when the graphical app is closed. I think you can create a custom dialog test step that runs your graphical app and waits for coordinates, then passes coordinates to next test steps. I am not sure if it is possible returning values from a Windows forms application.

You may also create an HTTP server in your graphical app that will send the coordinates to, and you can listen that server from the OpenTAP test step. Or if you want to deal with memory, you can read this question.

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Probably the best description would be if I created a form in a windows application that captured coordinates and displayed a live feed from the camera, how would I import that form into a pop-up from an instrument driver. I thought there was a feature of creating custom panels/displays for drivers, but I may be confusing this with another topic.

The simplest automated solution might be to have the windows app write the coordinates to a CSV and the driver read the coordinates from the CSV. Right now I manually transfer them from textboxes (windows app) into string controls (OpenTAP driver). Just looking for a way to make the driver pop.