.net/ivi instrument drivers work with OpenTap


I am trying to use OpenTap with driver of ivi.net and .net instrument specific.

As reading OpenTap doc, I found OpenTap just has a ScpiInstrument subclass.

So, is it possible for OpenTap working with driver of ivi.net and .net spcific?

Is that to say for DUTs and Instruments control, if it depends on ivi.net or .net specific driver,
user would have to implement plugins for them?

And if things like this, Is there any templates, demos or resources for referencing?

Thanks a lot.

Hi @edl7878 and welcome to the forum!

It is possible to use IVI drivers with OpenTAP, you can just create an instrument driver class and use the .NET API directly. So when programming those you just use it like any other .NET library.

I think any use of IVI drivers would have to be manually programmed for the specific driver.

We don’t have resources of using IVI drivers.