Instrument Names ending with space character causes load error


I encountered a problem about instruments with names ending with space character. For example an instrument with name "Relay Module " is used on a test plan and when I try to load this test plan it gives an error about the instrument name.

Error is as follows:

“15:25:54.991 Serializer XML Line 5: Missing ‘Relay Module’ used by 'Reset - {instrument}.Instrument. Using ‘Relay Module ’ instead.’”

It is not an important issue. I can rename the instruments but still, I wanted to the share this issue.

Hi @btyilmaz,

Sounds like a bit of a confusing error to get. I guess when loading the instrument we should compare the strings without the trailing spaces.

I have submitted an issue here: Instrument trailing space behavior · Issue #1430 · opentap/opentap · GitHub

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