Is it possible to add an extra option after rightclick on a teststep?

when i rightclick in a teststep it always shows the same options like copy/paste/run selectedstep.

feature request:
What about a new option here like “Edit/Config” that shows a userform popup depending on the teststep.
Here i am thinking about for example a matrix picture popup for a switching teststep where user can select the switching relays in a graphical matrix.
Or for a dmm measure teststep a live measurement of the selected channel can be displayed in a x/y graph.
The then selected options are inserted in the teststep parameters.

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@LXuser an interesting idea certainly. We have looked at some areas where we add move features to the right-click menu. However, generally, not custom components. My concern here is that if these are custom and also only accessible under right-click menus end users will always have to be clicking around to find features. They won’t ever know what exists in any context menu.

One potential option instead is to use a Button. This can perform any action, or launch an external application (like graph or configuration tool):

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This is of course the same with a button. Then it is the same as in Keysights Testexec where also a (always existing) button could be used to do it.
Is this button then appearing in the “Test Step Settings” section?

Right, the button would be always available, which is nice from a usability perspective, and would appear in the Test Step Settings: