Licensing error using measurement studio classes to create plugins!

Hello. I’m trying to use NI’s network variable to send some results to labview program. Inside the result listener, I added code like this:

       //initialize the network variables
        _stringWriter = new NetworkVariableBufferedWriter<string>(StringNetworkVariableLocation);

It showed errors in session log like this:

16:26:01.407 Summary -------- Test plan completed successfully in 3.67 s --------
16:26:01.419 PyPowerAnalyzer Device PSU closed
16:26:01.419 PyPowerAnalyzer Resource “PyPowerAnalyzer” closed. [591 us]
16:26:09.619 Settings Error during creating instance of ‘results_listener_PSP.resultlistener_PSP’.
16:26:15.174 Serializer Unable to create instance of results_listener_PSP.resultlistener_PSP.
16:26:15.174 Serializer Could not create an instance of ‘resultlistener_PSP’: NationalInstruments.NetworkVariable.NetworkVariableLicenser is unlicensed.

I found out myself. I thought it was something license management conflicts. It turned out to be a setting mistakes.
Because this project was started using tap sdk new project, then I added measurement studio classes. licenses.licx was generated automatically but build action was not set correctly. It was set None before. When I changed it to Embedded resource, it worked perfectly.


Hi @hongbo.huo was just interested to learn a bit more about your project. Connecting to an NI power analyzer? We’re very interested to see people engage OpenTAP with a wider array of instruments.

And thanks again for documenting on the Forum! Even if you solve your own question :wink:, it’s very helpful for the next person.

Again, welcome to the OpenTAP community!

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Hello @jeff.dralla . I’m working in an automotive electronics company. We do use power analyzer for USB adapter to test the charging curve. And we also have projects for LED controllers and some oil motor controllers.
Test program was in Labview and I’m evaluating OpenTap now. We don’t have a good labview drawing style. It is a headache to read other’s labview program especially when it is very big.
Actually, I want to use openTap for environment tesing. Lab technicians want a very friendly user interface so they can see enough information. I’m very sure they don’t want read session logs so I need to try the customize UI first. We used a lot of NI instruments like DAQ, CAN,LIN tools. Then I want to check Measurement studio which works easily with NI’s equipments. I think It will be awesome if OpenTap can connect to Labview directly.
Our tester runs slower in 1 or 2 years in a windows environment and I want to see if it can be better in Linux. I didn’t try this yet.
OpenTap has a package manager. It is seperated to resourse and teststeps. It has a rest API and there is a possibility we can monitor all testers on Web. The concepts are good. We need to evaluate if the team can work with this when we have only a little c# knowledge.


Hi @hongbo.huo great to hear more about your story and use-case. Certainly the OpenTAP community will love to help you out.

Keysight does make a std UI, PathWave Test Automation for commercial usage (free version for community edition if you meet the criteria), but you are free (and for $0) to create any operator UI you need for OpenTAP using the c# API.

Also, there is a Python-OpenTAP plugin/SDK which Keysight decided to open source under MIT last year…so might be another option for you if you want to develop yourself.

Lastly, if you are going web…you might consider the Keysight KS8106A/B REST API plugin…which allows you to integrate with WebGUI’s in a straightforward way. Inexpensive way to save you quite some time.

Anyways, we look forward to your continued interaction here on the Forum and I think you will find many helpful people are happy to give you some pointers if you get stuck! Again, welcome to the OpenTAP community.

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