Test cases developed in Labview

Can someone please help to answer below question -

  1. Can we execute test cases developed in Labview from OpenTAP?-
  2. How can we add the VI from labview in OpenTAP? Has anyone tried this?
  3. Which is the preferred language to use with OpenTAP

Hi @sam836 welcome to the OpenTAP Forum!

1 and 2 are somewhat the same. LabVIEW has an ActiveX interface, so it can be called from C# within the OpenTAP architecture, or compiled as a DLL:

We can see the thread here for someone that has tried this, I know a few others have as well:

  1. This is really up to your preference. We have SDK’s in C# and Python, and those are the most common, but like LabVIEW above it is fairly easy to integrate with any other programming language.

Can you share a bit more on what it is you are looking for and trying to do? I think this is an interesting topic for many here.