Method for reading log?

Is there any way to read / examine the contents of the current Editor session log?

I ask because I would like to examine the output code of an executable being run by the Process step in more detail than checking zero / nonzero.

I can add the program’s output to the log, so if I can examine the log I can find what I need.

Hi @tmunsell10 ,

I don’t recommend trying to parse the session log file.

I have two different ideas for this:

Listening to log events

Instead you can add a custom log listener like this:

class MyLogListener : ILogListener
    public void EventsLogged(IEnumerable<Event> Events)
        // process the events.

    public void Flush()
        // leave this empty
Log.AddListener(new MyLogListener());

Output from Process Step

In OpenTAP 9.22, the process step actually has an output string property. If you have another test step with a string property, you can assign the output of process step to that step.

I like this solution, because it makes the second part easy to test in isolation from actually running the process.

You can try it like this:

  1. Add a process step and configure it to make some output.
  2. Add a Log Message step.
  3. Right click the Message property in the Log Message step and select assign output.
  4. In the drop down select the output property from the process step.