Misleading error messages

Isn’t the error message misleading/incorrect when an instrument resource fails to open?
The first message incorrectly points to the Delay step as the source (and also sets its Verdict to Error)

The third message says Recourses as source when the Close fails, shouldn’t the Open failure also have Resources as source?

Hi @GoranJohnsson,

I think this is what happened: OpenTAP detected that you did not need PS prior to running the delay step, so it starts up PS while running the delay step. That failed before Delay ended, which caused the test plan to terminate early, which caused the delay step to error (it failed to wait).

I am not sure what a better behavior would be. You should probably get some notification when a test step stops without completing, so I think the Error verdict is ok.

As for the log sources, I agree that the second error message should come from Resources. In addition, it should be more specific about were the error came from.

The “General error” I believe is a SCPI standard error. Do you know why the instrument failed to open?

Did some more investigations. The instrument HW is not connected so the error is expected.
I get different behavior depending on teststeps “location”.

Step1 is a “test” teststep within the instrument plugin. It gives the incorrect/strange error indication.
I don’t think Delay has started, the timeout from the instrument (TCPIP) is way longer (10s) than the Delay time (0.2s) so it should have ended long before the timeout.
And according to the documentation all resources are opened before the testplan steps starts (incl PrePlanRun)?

Step2 is another teststep plugin using the instrument plugin. It gives more correct error indication and messages. Also notice the Delay hasn’t errored.