OnResultPublished(Guid stepRunId, ResultTable result) changes in 9.18.4

Hi there,
Wanted to check with you on the changes in OnResultPublished(Guid stepRunId, ResultTable result) method after TAP 9.10.4. I have noticed that previously this method used to be called for each ResultSource.Publish(string, T Result) call. In 9.18.5, sometimes the OnResultPublish is called with 2 or more parameters combined and ResultTable has multiple data in single column.
Let me know if you guys also saw this change and adapted ur changes for this.

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

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An optimization was added in 9.14 (I believe) to collapse multiple result tables into one if everything is the same except the rows.

Semantically, publishing two result tables with one row each should be the same as publishing one result table with two rows.


Thanks for the comment. I found it in release notes of 9.14.

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