OpenTAP has moved to Github with the 9.17 Release!

Hi All,

As of today, 9.17 is officially released. With this comes a few important changes including the move to .NET 6 and moving the hosting of the code to Github. We have been evaluating Github over the past 6 months and found that the number of integrations available will be a major benefit to our project. We also believe this will make the project more accessible to all as anyone can fork the project.

The project in Gitlab has been achieved and all issues have been migrated to Github. The new repo link is:

We hope this provides a better experience overall as plugins can now be hosted anywhere rather than only within the OpenTAP group in Gitlab. Moving forward our focus will be on getting those plugins into the Package Repo as that is where we believe they will be most valuable to our community.

You can find a few more details about the change here, but feel free to ask us any questions below:


Welcome to GitHub for OpenTAP!

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Here are a couple of cool things I’ve noticed already:

  1. Release notes show contributors and all assets:

  2. Closed issues show the first version the fix is available in:

  3. Other Projects on Github that reference OpenTAP can be discovered:


Cool… how does it know, I wonder?

Which part? For contributors, that is just based on pull requests accepted, the “first version available” is a Github Action @asger_iversen wrote, and for the Dependants, not sure. I guess since it also tracks dependencies for each project it can link them

Yeah I’m wondering how it tracks dependencies

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Yeah not sure. I couldn’t find any specifics on that in my search. It found your project though :slightly_smiling_face: