OpenTAP 9.16 Release Now Available

OpenTAP 9.16 is now available on

A few highlights include:

  • Sweep Parameter Range / Step Size Needs to be Parameterizable #671
  • Allow Addition of Pictures to Test Steps #689
  • Implement Image Functionality #732
  • Make TestPlan Path Available to Result Listeners #738
  • Tap Run Test Plan Memory Usage #767

Let us know what you would like to see next below!


Not sure why, but this won’t install on my home desktop. I was able to do an upgrade from 9.15 to 9.16 on my work laptop. On my desktop it simply indicates the file is corrupt or can’t be found once it opens via run as admin. I checked the usual suspects (Norton) but it says the file is fine, so I know it’s not being quarantined.

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@craig.petku can you attached the Session Log (Test Automation\SessionLogs) from when you tried the install?

@brennen_direnzo I think you need to expand and market/inform better about New features (and Usability improvements) when releasing a new version. The one liner and link to the GitLab issue in Release notes doesn’t help understand the new features and how to use them…

Shouldnt the Package Manager GUI be available as a standalone package starting from 9.16? I cannot find in the repo?

@GoranJohnsson we do plan to bring these Highlight posts back with the new website, but the last few releases have also been more minor.

As for the Package Manager GUI. The license check has been removed, so it is usable without a license, but there is still some additional work to be done to split it out into its own stand-alone package.


@craig.petku not sure if this is the same issue you saw, but we did find this, where if a Linux package had been mistakenly installed on a Windows system you could see an error. We are putting more checks in to prevent this, but the simple fix is to delete the Linux package and re-run the installer:

Resolved: It would not install in Windows using the PowerShell promotion in explorer. I had to run a command prompt as admin then install it from there.


Thanks @craig.petku I’ll check to see if PowerShell is intended to be supported for the install.

@brennen_direnzo I’m loving the new View Presets!

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Some more detail on a few of these features:

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