OpenTAP packaging and deployment on Linux

Hi, I was wondering if there are documented techniques and best practices on how to handle Python based development to deployment stages on Linux (Ubuntu).


  1. Could you point me to documentation on setting up OpenTAP for Python development on Ubuntu?
  2. For test plan development, is there an Editor GUI available for Linux? Are tools for timing and data analysis available for Linux?
  3. For deployment, is it possible (and recommended) to generate a unified package (including OpenTAP plugins, test plans, configurations and Python libraries)?



Hi Nav,

  1. Here you go: Python Development Setup for Ubuntu | OpenTAP Python Integration
  2. You can check this thread: Introducing Editor X - Cross platform GUI for OpenTAP
  3. Technically it’s possible to include all mentioned files into a single package, not sure if it’s recommended. I would suggest looking into bundle packages (see Class description here). Also, ActionStep is very handy to install Python libraries via pip.
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Thanks for the response, @tatiana.boye

Are there any constraints or consideration for running OpenTAP/Editor X on Linux?:

  1. Developing and running C# automation vs Python
  2. Developing on Windows using C#/Python and deploying on Linux


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  1. The debugging story on Linux is not as good, especially if you have native dependencies, but again, Python debugging is also not that much fun.
  2. Developing on Windows gives you a richer debugging experience. For C# and for Python, especially if you use VS + native code debugging. Creating a deployment for Linux is not that big an issue as long as you don’t have any platform specific dependencies.

Thanks for the answers, @rolf_madsen. It’s nice to hear from you!


You too @nav_dhillon!