Introducing Editor X - Cross platform GUI for OpenTAP

Introducing the cross platform GUI for OpenTAP, Editor X. Similar to Editor for Windows, Editor X enables editing and executing testplans in Linux. Editor X was fully tested in RHEL 7.8 and limited test in Ubuntu 18.04.

Editor X is available at Package Repository. Installation can be done by downloading the package and install locally or via tap package install "Editor X" command.
Please note that this is a licensed product and will require the same license needed to run Editor (Windows). It is still in active development and we are gradually migrating features from existing Editor. For those who has a need to run OpenTAP on Linux, please give it a try. Feedbacks are welcome. Thanks.


Screenshot of Editor X running in Ubuntu 18.04.


Hi @wooi-po_chang awesome stuff by you and the team! This will certainly make many folks in the Linux community happy!

@colek42 let your team know a Linux GUI is here for OpenTAP!

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This looks great, @wooi-po_chang! :+1:

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Excellent! Makes a huge difference in the testplan workflow!

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By the way, if you try to run this on Redhat variants, other than the dotnet runtime 2.1, you will install the lib c as well by issuing command sudo yum install glibc-devel.