Run test cases in Operator GUI

Hi, How can we run a .TapPlan file in the operator GUI. I created my own GUI and now wants to run test cases through that GUI instead of Keysight Test Automation Community Edition. In my test case, I added a delay, a dialog box and a limit handling test case, but I do not get any dialog box or proper result of limit handling test step when running that .TapPlan file in my own GUI. Can someone guide?

Do you mean a DialogStep? If that is the case you’ll need to configure an IUserInputInterface and assign it to the UserInput static class.

I will recommend looking at the OpenTAP TUI project it is an open source project that is also a good example of just about anything you might want to do in a GUI.

For user IUserInputInterface you can find that in the TUI project as well: opentap-tui/TuiUserInput.cs at main · StefanHolst/opentap-tui · GitHub

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